Wynonna Earp: Episode 5, Wynonna faces Bobo in a sneak peek unique!

syfy-wynonna-earp-saison-1-episode-5-boboThe recent events will impact on our Wynonna Earp in the episode tonight! The fifth episode is not going to be easy for the young woman!
» Wynonna Wynonna is going all again! » This phrase of Waverly, the little sister of Wynonna Earp, as she watches her eldest act against Bobo shows how the young woman can go live quickly enough . Haunted by ghosts she killed and the death of his friend, who was rather shaken in episode 3, you can read the review of melty, Wynonna Earp is on edge and can get his gun «Peacemaker» faster than his shadow! In this sneak peek of Episode 5 aired tonight, the young woman and the agent are in Dolls with Bobo and his ghosts to seek responsible for the attack on Ward Earp Wynonna’s uncle. We can have the dark side of Wynonna where she lets check by his fiery temperament! This installment promises to develop so bad sides of his heroine and can not wait to see it!

Wynonna Earp can she take out of control? The Dolls agent, played by Shamier Anderson , will clearly ask the question after this excerpt and he will surely regret having given him a position in his Black Badge of the team! In short, this 5th episode of Wynonna Earp, you can look behind the scenes of the show on melty , promises heavy for the young woman and it seems that the witch also met in episode 3 redo his return! Highly episode because it sneak peek unprecedented put us the mouth water! Are you excited?


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