Vikings Season 4: What challenges for the rest of the season?

de-quel-cote-est-rolloThe wait will be very long before the return of season 4 of Vikings. Many clues leave us in any case think that the result will be exceptional.

The mid-season Vikings is one of the best episodes of the series. Michael Hirst also explains the leap in time was inevitable at this point in the season 4 of Vikings. After the battle of Paris, Ragnar leaves his, that do not support having allowed life to save Rollo. His son must then resign ourselves to grow up without their father. Several years after his departure, he reappears, sowing discord among his own people. We discover that Kattegat has become a real city, qu’Aslaug holds power and his son are biased against him. The time has come for Ragnar to become again the man he was and finally get revenge.

The rest of the season will be partly based reunion Ragnar and Ivar. Their relationship was very complicated from the birth of the boy. Aslaug No, he would not even celebrated its first anniversary. Ivar therefore a lot of resentment toward the father who did not want him . But things could be changing, since Ragnar says in the promo video after the season 4 Vikings : «One day the world will know and fear the name of Ivar the Boneless» . The boy seems to have a very strong personality. Like his father, he is a ladies man, intelligent and charismatic. But it is also inhabited by a dull and destructive anger. This seems to be fueled by his mother, with whom he has a close relationship since his childhood.

Which side is Rollo?
Rollo seems meanwhile lost. He is always faithful to France, but he can not help confessing to his wife at the bottom of it there will always be a Viking. The rest of the season 4 she will sign the return with Rollo his ? An index could confirm, since the promo video on the discovered alongside Bjorn . They both seem bloody face and fight together. What common enemy could bring his two men who wanted to kill each other? The most logical answer would tend towards the kingdom of England and thus to Egbert. Indeed, the main reason for the return of Ragnar could be his visceral hatred of the English. It would then attempt to reconstruct an army to attack Egbert. But the years passed and the king seems increasingly weakened. It probably does not participate in combat and his hopes should be based on his son Aethelwulf. We hope in any case that Floki is finally on the side of Ragnar. But nothing is less certain, since the promo video he states that he does not know who he is.

Lagertha she reign over Kattegat?
Another battle of the utmost importance to be held during this season. Lagertha, having recovered from his injuries, seems desperate to reign over Kattegat. Revenge is a dish best served cold and Aslaug should not take long to realize it. And let’s be honest, we all look forward to Lagertha recover what is due him. Ragnar and power War is declared in any case between the two women and the other characters will quickly choose sides . Aslaug seems to exist for several years and has gained confidence. The conquest of power will cause many deaths and blood should flow freely. It will however have to be patient before discovering this. Indeed, the Vikings will not start until the fall. What do you think he is going to happen in the rest of the Vikings?


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