The Walking Dead Season 7: Seth Gilliam (Father Gabriel), «Negan is far from finished!»

the-walking-dead-twd-saison-5-episode-14During an interview, Seth Gilliam, who plays the father Gabriel in The Walking Dead, said that «Negan is far from finished» in season 7!
The massacre is just beginning! While we rapportions that shooting the 7 of The Walking Dead season started very soon , Seth Gilliam (who plays the father Gabriel from episode 2 of season 5) has made ​​some statements about what awaits us in the future. Like his character remained in Alexandria with Judith and the rest of the residents of the community, he has not yet had the pleasure of meeting Negan , but this time should happen fairly quickly in the new episodes that are coming very difficult since the actor says , «I can tell you that from what I know about next season, there will be many tears shed. I think there will be many times shock, great sadness and I can add Negan that is far from finished » .

During the same interview, the actor returned to the final cliffhanger admitting he was «a bit shocked» by the reaction of the fans, even if he can understand them, adding «I’m not a big fan of cliffhangers, but here is a special case and I think that’s a great story . » In the comics, Father Gabriel participate a bit in the war against Negan and will notably organize the funeral of Abraham. For a time, it will go live in Hilltop before returning to Alexandria, where he is still alive. At his last appearance, he trained to kill walkers with Dwight and Laura. Lately, we dévoilions 5 things that could happen in the 7 The Walking Dead season if the series follows the comics. What do you think of the proposed Seth Gilliam?


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