The Walking Dead: A nod to ‘Thor’ found in comics in the plot of Negan!

the-walking-dead-negan-comics-spoilersWhile production of the season 7 of The Walking Dead approach, a nod to a superhero Marvel was discovered in the comics, in the plot of Negan!
Hidden winks! While we rapportions filming of 7 The Walking Dead season would begin soon , we have constantly put us back in the comics, especially in issues dealing with the Negan of intrigue to uncover new clues about what we might find out soon. Thus, it was noticed a small nod to the universe of Marvel in the number 123, which was published in March 2014. In fact, during the history, we see one of the Saviors hold firmly Mjolnir, the iconic hammer of Thor superhero . This bold weapon have also been welcomed to the army in Negan arc entitled «All Out War» , where the power of the God of Thunder would have been more than helpful! Still, this wink is a tribute from Robert Kirkman.

A nod to Thor in The Walkin Dead!
Indeed, the creator of The Walking Dead is a time worked for Marvel comics and especially on The Irredeemable Ant-Man and Marvel Zombies . Waiting to see if the wink will be included in the series, number 153 of comics has just been published in the United States and Negan is still locked in a prison cell in Alexandria. The story continues Negan inspire Robert Kirkman since his pre-apocalyptic past is revealed in a feuilletonnant comics, entitled «the Walking Dead: Here’s Negan» !, 4 pages will be revealed each month Would you find that wink in the series?


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