The Originals Season 3: Episode 19 tonight, everyone is trying to save Cami!

the-originals-saison-3-cami-to-the-ogsTonight the US channel The CW will broadcast episode 19 of season 3 of The Originals. Then discover what awaits you in «No More Heartbreaks»!
After two weeks of waiting, Season 3 of The Originals is back tonight with episode 19 and we all look forward to whether Cami will survive the bite of Lucien. Indeed, at the end of the last episode, Lucien joined Cami and bit her in revenge for Klaus. It is known that bite can not be cured by the blood of Klaus as Lucien mixed venoms different werewolf packs. Finn is also dead — again — because of the venom of Lucien and this is what is about to happen in Cami if others do not find a quick solution to the cure. As you can imagine, everyone will be on a war footing to find an antidote. Freya will turn to magic, and Vincent Marcel seek an ingredient in Cami apartment, while Hayley and Elijah will visit Bayou .

This is a moment that Hayley and Elijah were not left alone, and one wonders what will be the mood between these two. Seeing that Cami is about to die and that the time is always counted them, Hayley she finally decides to try his luck with Elijah? The showrunners have said repeatedly Haylijah never really something that is done, then you never know! Moreover, we should continue to follow the misfortunes of Kol also . The latter tried to leave the city at the end of episode 18 of season 3 of The Originals , but he soon realized that if he left New Orleans, he would die. His fate is it sealed? According to the synopsis of «No More Heartbreaks» in any case, we know that Davina learn a new heartbreaking about it, what does anything good omen. According to you, Cami will she survive?


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