The 100 Season 3: Episode 14 Monty and Raven did they find the solution to overcome AL Y in the promo video?

the-100-saison-3-episode-14-red-sky-at-morningWhile the new episode of Season 3 of The 100 will air next week on the CW, discover together the first new images of «Red Sky at Morning»!
AL Y-she saw his last hours? And yes meltynautes, Monty and Raven do seem to have found the perfect solution to end the reign of terror of artificial intelligence. While the editorial ‘of melty proposing you to discover our critique of episode 13 of season 3 of The 100 , back to the first new images of «Red Sky at Morning» recently released by the CW . First, know that Clarke, Bellamy, Octavia and Jasper will try to reason with Luna. Indeed, the young woman refuses to become the next order. A catastrophic decision because the majority of 100 is now controlled by AL Y 1. But Luna is every reason to refuse! She lives in the middle of the ocean and appears to lead as calm as a peaceful existence. She also immediately announced she had sworn not to kill anyone. So imagine his conception of life is very different from that which prevailed in Polis.

But then our heroes will they find a way to convince her? Luna she will change his mind and save all remained Polis AL Y 1? Meanwhile, Murphy, Indra, Pike and other prisoners will engage in a real rebellion. But the people of the City of Light will become more dangerous. Especially as Raven and Monty begin to foment a plan that could stop the net . Thus, they decided to tackle the famous backpack previously overview early in the season and that could be the key to their survival. A fight is clearly imminent and no one will be safe! Pending further information, rediscover the promotional photos from episode 13 of season 3 of The 100 on melty. What do you think of these new images?


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