The 100 Season 3: Episode 13, «Together», our review!

the-100-saison-3-episode-13-join-or-die-videoWhile the new episode of season 3 of The 100 has been broadcast on the CW Discover our criticism of «Join or Die»!
Nostalgia when you hold us! And yes meltynautes last night, Jason Rothenberg and his team offered us a flashback and mastered at least constructive. After struggling to regain a semblance of unity, our hero went in search of Luna in a difficult climate as resentments die hard. While the editorial ‘of melty proposing you to discover our critique of episode 12 of season 3 of The 100 , set back on the highlights of «Join or Die» aired last night on the CW . And that’s just the horror in Polis! Since that Ontari swallowed the famous chip, it’s a bloodbath that shook the capital and it is not an expression. Horror and destruction now reign supreme in the famous City of Lights supposed cure world of all its ills . Never AL Y 1 and all his henchmen had been frightening. Sinking into a killing frenzy, nothing seems to stop them. And if we had hoped that Marcus was strong enough to fight, his love for Abby did flinch. His camp change is therefore melt one of our last hopes. But nothing very surprising since Bellamy and Clarke are the leaders on Earth. Adults who occupied this position have long since lost their authority. This is where the flashbacks had a genuine interest. Besides the satisfaction to see the characters on the ark, it is mainly the evolution of each was put forward.

When Octavia was terrified to go on land and leave his life, Murphy was deeply individualistic and indifferent . What changes! Octavia has become an accomplished warrior while Murphy motivates the troops to foment a rebellion. But that’s not all because «Join or Die» we also gave you a different side of Pike. The arrival on earth was the trigger new perspectives. On the ark, the teacher was very attached to his students and to justice. He wanted to raise awareness and offer the best chance of survival for the prisoners. But blinded by fear, he forgot his principles once on earth. Although flashbacks could sometimes break the overall pace, hard not to have found their interest. Better, the return of Radioactive song was enough to make us shiver. Especially as Marcus, now best placed to become chancellor, let go and kept taking to fight this time. Suffering for those who placed their hopes in him.

Clarke met Luna!
Meanwhile, Bellamy, Clarke, Jasper and Octavia eventually find a way to contact Luna. After a long search Luna, the four survivors seemed on the verge of explosion. Octavia can not forgive his brother and one understands. Do not forget how Lincoln mattered to him. Despite Bellamy remorse, nothing is powerful enough to appease his sentence. Desperate, Bellamy finally ends up closer to Clarke and I must admit that their duo had missed. Their friendship was still a mainstay of the series and it’s nice to find her. Still, they are not out of the woods as Luna refuses to become the new Commander. Worse, our heroes are now stuck in the middle of the ocean. A calm and serenity that contrasts with the horror that took place in Polis . In short, this new episode was enough to upset us but the questions remain and we look forward to learn more about Luna and its people. Pending more information, see the promotional photos from episode 13 of season 3 of The 100 on melty. What did you think of this episode?


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