Teen Wolf Season 6: Liam he will manage to control his powers?

teen-wolf-season-5-saison-5-episode-8-5x08While filming Season 6 continues, the question arises: Liam he will manage to control his powers in future episodes?
It might hurt . While fans of Teen Wolf are furious because Arden Cho (Kira) left the series , production continues as if nothing had happened. Because the American channel MTV has already face the accident occurred Dylan O’Brien on the set of the Labyrinth 3 , nobody wants to get wet of that side. And among the writers, the rest of the series is all that matters. While the season 6 is more or less announced as the last official season of the series, it is rumored for a while that she could continue with Liam and Mason in the title roles, replacing Scott and Stiles parties to university. That is probably why Liam will take more and more space in future episodes and why Scott will have more of a mentor.

This is what reminds the website Movie News Guide . While Scott has five seasons to forge a moral Alpha and have the appropriate pack, it would seem time to pass the torch and take the place occupied Derek Hale in the past. This would bring a new plot more interesting: the management powers of Liam. Very aggressive and sometimes reckless, Liam still has a lot of things to learn . And it is likely that on which Scott and his work in this season 6 that one looks forward to. If we doubt that by the end of season 6, Liam sufficiently control his powers, we look forward to see Scott the lead and put it in unthinkable situations! While Jeff Davis does not know if Season 6 will be the last season , we keep our fingers crossed that the hearings back a little with new episodes. And you, what do you think of Liam?


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