Scandal Season 5: Episode 20, unlikely alliances in the promo video for «Trump Card»?

scandal-saison-5-episode-20-photos-promoThe episode 20 of season 5 of Scandal will be broadcast on May 5 on the American channel ABC. Discover then the promotional video of «Trump Card»!
Yes dear meltynautes, there remains only one episode before the season finale of season 5 of Scandal and twists and betrayals all kinds promise of rain in the last two episodes of the season. At the end of episode 19 of season 5 of Scandal, you can find our review of melty, Olivia and Abby seem to have allied to bring down one of their common enemies: Hollis Doyle . Indeed, against all odds, it was he who won the Florida vote, despite all efforts by Mellie and Susan. However, when we look closely at the promo video «Trump Card», which is below, we do not see very clearly that will be associated with that. While it is the final stretch for primary, candidates and their team will do anything to win, even making alliances highly dubious!

So Abby and Olivia are they really reconciled or will they cotinuer of plotting against each other? Indeed, in the trailer, it seems that Abby conspires with Rowan to drop Mellie, while Olivia would form an alliance with Hollis Doyle! Of course, there is always suspicious promotional videos whose assembly can sometimes be misleading. Furthermore, we finally meet again Edison which, according to the synopsis for episode 20 of season 5 of Scandal , will begin to have doubts about Rowan … Better late than never! This penultimate episode promises to be panting and we can not wait to see who will come out winner of all these manipulations. What do you think?


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