Scandal Season 5: Episode 19, «May the best woman win», our criticism!

scandal-saison-5-episode-19-5x19-buckle-upABC aired last night episode 19 of the fifth season of Scandal. Discover immediately our critique of «Buckle Up!»
Olivia vs Abby, who will be the bitchy? After a transition episode centered on the character of Jake Ballard, last week, the 5 Scandal season continued last night on ABC, with a comeback in the race president. Titled «Buckle Up» , episode 19 was interested in the war between the candidates to the White House, especially the candidates Mellie Grant and Susan Ross. Through this political confrontation, this is a confrontation between Olivia and Abby, now best enemy, that is emerging . The two old friends strung low blows towards each other and do not lack imagination … The «It can take the stairs» signed Olivia will remain one of our favorite scenes of the episode, see the season . Regale the soap fan in all of us! For its part, Abby made ​​even harder when outright prevent the aircraft from Olivia & Mellie take off, following a supposed technical problem with the plane of President. What a bitch!

In the end, if the low blow Abby is quite ridiculous, it allows interesting scenes, including the discussion between Mellie and Fitz, all under the eyes of journalists and the rest of the world. Both are trying to find an agreement, but especially the President informed his ex-wife of the act committed by Olivia two episodes earlier. Mellie is in shock, but manages not to be too expressive, knowing she is filmed, which is pretty hilarious. Having ignored the death of Andrew last week, the writers of Scandal decide FINALLY interest in it, especially to focus on its impact on the character of Olivia. A discussion open heart, very touching between heroin and Huck, we proposed . For the first time, Olivia indulges and frankly say things, then burst into tears. Beyond a moving sequence, there especially lovely proof of friendship between the two characters, which was sorely lacking in the series lately. Once a Gladiator, Gladiator has always ! Moreover, among melty, we recently wondered if Olivia could once again kill a character .

Political side, while all eyes are turned to Susan, who received the support of the governor of Florida, it is ultimately Hollis Doyle (Donald Trump, LOL for short) which is required in the state, becoming THE favorite for the presidential election. Olivia and Abby decide to end their squabble and ally to drop Hollis from its pedestal. Alleluia! For his part, Cyrus is confronted by her husband Michael on her affair with Tom. Soon, the dispute between spouses becomes a threat (as always, with Cyrus). Result: the sick daughter of Francisco Vargas is exposed to the media, and Alex Vargas is transferred to the campaign by his own brother. Finally, Michael shot himself with Cyrus’s child. A plot not too bad, which can give some importance to marriage Cyrus / Michael we had almost forgotten . In the end, Scandal gives us this week a truly successful episode, much better than last week. We are seeing the highlights, as lorsqu’Abby starts crying and the president console (who knew?). The result looks interesting, with the return of the duo Olivia / Abby, who promises to rip everything. The meltynautes, have you enjoyed the 5×19 Scandal?


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