Reign Season 3: from Torrance Coombs, season 4, Adelaide Kane tease on!

reign-saison-3-saison-4-adelaide-kane-bashThe star of Season 3 Reign, Adelaine Kane gave juicy details on the rest of the series. The starting Torrance Coombs, season 4, she teases a max info!
Season 3 Reign has FINALLY is back this week. After several months of absence, the TV show made ​​its comeback. Remember well the info for the series The CW is now broadcast on Mondays instead of Fridays. This may be a slow start to the series, but subsequently will be especially intense. In the promotional video of episode 12 of season 3 Reign of Mary will possibly murdered her cousin, Elizabeth. the Queen of England prevented from getting on the throne and wants to recover his country. If we go by history, we know very well what queen will win this terrible battle. Mary Stuart therefore travel to Scotland in season 4 of Reign . Its main interpreter, Adelaide Kane , a tease after the TV show. In the interview, she also spoke about the departure of Torrance Coombs , aka Bash.

It will be hard to say goodbye to Bash in Reign . For Adelaide Kane: «It’s a shame that Bash is not related to Scotland’s history will soon come to an end and the character has other paths to explore, which will not be put forward to. screen » . If Torrance Coombs Reign leaves at the end of season 3 , it may be that the producers do not book him a speedy death. Regarding Season 4 Reign , Adelaide Kane gives some juicy details: «This is a new chapter, a new country and a new court There will be new friends and new enemies is prepared a new scenario.. for season 4. the life of Mary begins his return to Scotland, this is where it all starts for it. France was a nice interlude but it was a short part of his life » . Following the TV show The CW looks intense. What do you think of the season 3 Reign?


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