Prison Break: Lincoln and Sucre on new photos from the shoot!

prison-break-saison-5-revival-sucre-lincolnShooting after Prison Break is currently underway. New photos from the series highlight Lincoln and Sucre … Watch out!
The Revival of Prison Break there will be a real failure, or rather a success? It seems a long time since Michael was tattooed plans of Fox River State Penitentiary to save his brother from certain death. This TV show gave cold sweats to fans worldwide. Anyway, the series will sign a comeback very soon on TV. Despite the death of Michael, his son venerate his memory in Prison Break . The ancient mythical characters will also be back. Lincoln, Sucre and T-Bag still, escaped from prison will be well represented in the Revival of Prison Break . New photos of the shoot just arrived. Lincoln and Sucre are featured on these clichés.

That’s at the airport we find the brother of Michael, Lincoln, Sucre and his great friend. Both performers characters, Amaury Nolasco and Dominic Purcell are in discussion. If an important trip awaits, we doubt that they will have to deal with Michae Jr, the son of Sarah and Michael. The little boy has inherited the intelligence and talents of his father. The face of the son of Michael for the Revival of Prison Break was unveiled and the boy is absolutely adorable. In any case, to see the latest pictures of the filming of the TV show, simply click HERE . So, do you wait to see the characters of Prison Break for the Revival of the series?


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