Justin Bieber has over 80 million followers on Twitter!

justin-bieber-sourire-80-millions-abonnesJustin Bieber is becoming more popular! The proof, the singer now has over 80 million followers on Twitter.
Writing melty announced you the news yesterday: Justin Bieber’s performance at the Billboard Music Awards has been confirmed ! You will find the young man on May 22 for an evening that will be broadcast on ABC. What Justin songs will he sing? It prepares a medley of her songs «Company» and Sorry » . No doubt his performance will delight his Beliebers! The least we can say is that the ex Selena Gomez is at the top of his career . his album «Purpose» is a hit and his «Purpose World Tour» makes the «unanimous. Although the escapades of the artist have more often been in the news as its title, it seems that now everyone recognizes his talent . Justin has more fans so that a study found that English people under 25 years old are more likely to recognize songs that the words of the famous author Mr. Bieber Shakespeare … can have the smile no doubt he had it when he found that he spent 80 million followers bar on Twitter !

He said that Justin Bieber singing in playback during his World Tour Purpose whether to believe the words of a source in Michigan Live . Hopefully this is not the case because the fans of the artist might be disappointed! In any case, he cracked his audience recently when he invited an admirer 5 years old on stage … Although Justin has not always been exemplary, this does not prevent its fan community s enlarge . With its 80 million followers on Twitter , it can boast of being one of the most followed celebrities on the web and no doubt that this number has not finished climbing! What do you think of this news?


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