Grey’s Anatomy Season 12: Episode 22, Callie and Arizona in tears in the promo video for «Mama Tried»!

grey-s-anatomy-saison-12-episode-22-episodeThe promotional video of episode 22 of season 12 Grey’s Anatomy was unveiled! Discover it, without delay, of melty.
Last night, ABC broadcast the twenty-first episode of the twelfth season of Grey’s Anatomy. Entitled «You’re Gonna Need Someone On Your Side» , it saw Stephanie break with Kyle (not being a doctor is too difficult for her), April and Jackson panic for their baby and Amelia decided it was finally time to give a chance to his story with Owen. As for Callie and Arizona, each begins to place his checkers on the hearing which is fast for custody of Sofia . And then we proposed to discover the synopsis of episode 23 of season 12 Grey’s Anatomy , the American channel ABC has unveiled the trailer of the next episode, which will air next Thursday in the United States, and is viewing emergency below!

In «Mama Tried» , episode 22, Callie and continue to disagree about the future of their daughter, Sofia. And that’s an episode where we see the two surgeons to the court, which should give its final verdict regarding custody of the child. Meanwhile, Stephanie will question the status of her relationship with Kyle: Will it change mind and decide to embrace and accept his feelings to be with him? Finally, Alex and April traveilleront hard feet on a pregnant teenager who is re-admitted to the Grey Sloan Memorial. An episode to discover next week, but in the meantime, one wonders who is to die in the season 12 Grey’s Anatomy ! What are you waiting for this episode?


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