Grey’s Anatomy Season 12: Episode 21, «I am ready to sit in the waiting room,» our review!

grey-s-anatomy-saison-12-episode-21-jerrikaLast night, the US network ABC aired episode 21 of season 12 Grey’s Anatomy. Discover our criticism then «You’re Gonna Need Someone On Your Side»!
It’s still a very good episode of Grey’s Anatomy that aired last night on ABC television, mixing drama, humor, challenge and break … If we thought would Calzona the center of the plot, however, this has not been the case since episode 21 of season 12 Grey’s Anatomy is rather made ​​up of several plots that intertwine. But let’s start all the same by Calzona. If some fans really wanted to see those two on the front of the stage, we must admit that we would have preferred it under different circumstances. In «You’re Gonna Need Someone On Your Side» , the women must convince their friends to testify on their behalf in court about custody of Sofia. It is then a very sensitive subject, who fails to make totally lose control in Arizona . I must admit that it has no luck since in addition to risk seeing his daughter from New York, it must also manage the pregnancy of April, which is far from easy.

The war began …
In the end, the only people who end up choosing a camp are Meredith and Owen when Callie asks them in full operation, and we confess shock by the speed with which they have made ​​their choice . Where Alex refused to choose sides, being friends with the two women, Meredith and Owen did not hesitate to say «yes» to Callie, without even thinking. It is certain that this will lead to complications and tensions within the hospital, and we fear the worst. For its part, Arizona is currently one to testify on his behalf, though she chose not to be the doctor of April, preferring to be her friend instead. A difficult choice but it certainly avoid a lot of stress. Indeed, during the episode Arizona believed detecting an abnormality in the fetal brain that immediately panicked April. If one understands the reaction of April after all she has been through with his other baby, also shows that the situation is difficult to manage for Arizona since April is both his patient and her friend. This episode pinpointed the difficulty of mixing private relationships at work, with different situations, and to Stephanie for example, the outcome was different.

«I thing me»

If Arizona chose his friendship with April instead of his work, face the same choice, Stephanie reacted differently. The episode begins she and her new boyfriend Kyle are back in the hospital because they detected it had a tremor in the other hand. Seeing that the two are close, Amelia denied that Stephanie is working on this case, a decision that does not please at all to it. Not until the end of the episode to understand why the reaction Stephanie is so sluggish . If you thought her attachment to Kyle was really strong, it’s actually his past that prevents him from sitting idly in the waiting room. Having spent much of his childhood in the hospital, she has no plans to do the same again if it is to be passive. She finally broke with Kyle, for his own good, as she told Jo: «I have chosen me» . Jerrika Hinton is particularly striking in this scene and still appreciate again how the show manages to make us see different perspectives of a similar situation .
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Finally the beginning of their story?
The third situation concerns Bailey and Ben, who are always cold since it decided to return as an anesthesiologist time of his suspension. If Callie and Arizona have trouble imagining their friends take sides, these two did not hesitate a second to do it in the middle of an operation. These are then Maggie Riggs and who are paying the price. In the end, it is they who will manage to calm things down, pointing to one as to the other wrongs that can be shared. We can not do a review for this episode without returning to Owen and Amelia. Will They, will not they … This is the big question since last season, but it looks like this time is good. And it is convinced that Meredith Amelia back to him, «you’re happy and you do not stop to spoil your happiness» , she said. Caterina Scorsone then offers us a scene which she alone has the secret, and the two characters end up kissing . You tell us, this is not the first time we think they are finally appears and it fails, but this time, we trust, even if the end of the troubles is far from finish. Waiting to see what will be the next obstacle in their relationship, know that you can already read the synopsis of episode 23 of season 12 Grey’s Anatomy! What did you think of this episode?


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