Fear The Walking Dead Season 2: A lesbian couple soon in the series?

fear-the-walking-dead-saison-2-episode-1Soon, the season 2 of The Walking Dead Fear could offer us a lesbian couple!
Love is in the air? While we reported that Season 2 of The Walking Dead Fear could lead our survivors to a new destination , it also appears that new love stories may occur. And since they are somehow stuck on a boat, the options are few, but they are still present. So while Mercedes Masohn realized a radio interview, she made ​​some confidences about the sentimental future of his character by stating «They approach me Clarks. Either with Alicia and Nick. And I think, since there had a few cut scenes between Alicia and Ofelia — I do not know if it’s because they thought it was not the right time or if they have changed their minds about the direction of the story but several scenes were shot — so I think the fans have said ‘Oh my God, look at the chemistry between the two’ And now I have this scene with Nick too. » .

This suggests that we are moving towards a love triangle that could split the siblings Clarks . Mercedes Masohn however his idea about what could happen, «If Ofelia has to go into couples with a woman, I think Alicia is perhaps a little young, and they somehow more a relationship of sisters time. However, if that were to happen, it would sound as a reminder to the season 1 for me. as an actress, would incredible. it would recall how she dealt with the commander lured it. it bring back to what it was doing and what she said about her. it would be quite manipulative concept and I think it’s very cool » . Ofelia then she will find love in the arms of a woman? Alicia? We’ll have to wait a little longer to find out! Find out what’s going to happen in episodes 4-6 of season 2 of fear the walking dead! Would you like to see Alicia and Ofelia couple?


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