Banshee Season 4: Episode 5, tonight, this is the beginning of the end!

cinemax-banshee-episode-5-saison-4-trailerTonight, in episode 5 of Banshee, we have to appreciate the episode title «A little late to grow a pair» and we will have also have heart hooked!
» I’ll be dead if I give up this town without a fight! » It remains only 4 episodes Banshee to leave with a huge bang and strengthen its unique position in the serial world! The small series of Cinemax after a start surprising season and finally welcomed Eliza Dushku, offers us a very intense promotional video for his episode 5! After an episode 4 of season 4 of Banshee, you can find the reviews melty , a little soft, yet important because it introduces the character of FBI agent Veronica Dawson, it would seem that Banshee returns to action! the promotional video suggests the Bunker brothers, Calvin and the Nazi Kurt cop, will finally face! Hood Sugar and Carrie little or not appearing in this trailer and it intrigues us because we wonder if they will be involved in many battles glimpsed in this video!

There is not just for Bunker in this video . Tonight we can finally find out why and how the scene with the Procter, scruffy and in front of a burning building! We can not see who is in front of him but the situation is more tense than! Similarly, see Burton with a chainsaw in the arms it excites us to no end! Yes Banshee has perverted us! It’s going to be a sacred carnage and we wait to see it! The situation in Banshee, you can look behind the scenes of last season , starts in peanuts and can not wait to see it! Say that you are impatient?


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