Arrow Season 4: A new poster of Team Arrow unveiled!

un-nouveau-poster-devoileWith the disappearance of Laurel aka Black Canary, Team Arrow lost an important member. To mark this milestone, a new poster has been unveiled for Season 4 of Arrow. Find out now!
Last night’s episode 19 of season 4 of Arrow aired on The CW. This episode entitled «Canary Cry» was powerful and intense. The main characters have had to mourn Laurel . If her father refuses to admit that she’s gone, the other members of the Team are devastated and mourn his death. She can resurrect like the rest of the other characters? A brand new poster of Season 4 of Arrow has just been unveiled and it does not bode good. Only three characters are on this new picture. There are only a few episodes before the season finale of season 4 of Arrow (4 in total). Will there be surprises? We hope so! Meanwhile, immediately discover the new post of Team Arrow!

This new poster does not bode well. Only Oliver and Diggle Felicity appear on this new photo from Season 4 of Arrow. John Diggle is highlighted. It is the center of the poster, arms crossed and face closed. In episode 19 of season 4 of Arrow, Diggle has attacked the mayor of Starling City, as we showed the extract «Canary Cry». He faced his rage and guilt. He will change his character and look the wrong way? From what we could see, it will probably need the support of Oliver, Felicity and Thea to turn the corner and regain its ancient wisdom . The Green Arrow aka Oliver is put into the background in this post, as Felicity, which appears very chic in her little burgundy dress. The famous couple Olicity he still has a chance? Fingers crossed for them. Nothing is played before the Season Finale of Season 4 of Arrow . What do you think of this new poster?


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